Understanding Music Ratings Philosophy
(2019-04-15, 23:30)jasn Wrote: Thanks for taking a look at this @DaveBlake and @scott967.  Based on the lack of response by others (both here and on other skin threads) it appears I am one of a very few obsessed users focusing on Kodi's ability to process and display song ratings, even though the ability is included in many Fullscreen displays.  For the record, BTW, I don't care a hoot about album ratings, averaged or assigned.  Due to my lack of actual programming skills I also have the knack, when trying to focus a question or request about Kodi, to appear "confused".  If that's still the case here please send me back in the direction of my Keeper...

Since I've poked this snake I thought I would try to display an example of what my observation is re:  the different functions of MusicPlayer.Rating and MusicPlayer.UsedRating:

Click on the screenshot above (taken from Aeon MQ 7 Leia MOD using a musicvisualisation.xml file modified by me) and you'll see the currently playing song has a (self-assigned) rating of 8 stars, which was generated from the code $INFO[MusicPlayer.UserRating].  On the right, you will see a display for the next song which has a rating of 10 stars, which was generated using $INFO[MusicPlayer.offset(1).Rating].  If I were to use the code $INFO[MusicPlayer.offset(1).UserRating] the "Next Up" graphical display will not work (nor would a numerical display if star graphics were not used).  The only way I got the "Next" song rating to display is because I manually populated the Rating column of my MyMusicXX.db to mimic my UserRating column.

My initial request was to ask if it were possible to add or correct the same "offset" ability to UserRating as it is for Rating so that, if a user does have individual song ratings and a Skin were to program for Next Song display it would work without having to mess with the db and use differnt codes for "Now Playing" songs and Next Up" songs.  The less-desirable solution would be to populate both Rating and UserRating when users scan their libraries with songs that include properly tagged Ratings data.

Thanks to you both (and also to @latts9923 for the skin)

 OK I sorted out my POPM scanning problem and now have populated a bunch of song userratings ffrom POPM tags. All working. As you say, MusicPlayer.offset(n).Userrating and MusicPlayer.position(n).Userrating aren't provided.

scott s.
maintainer of skin  Aeon MQ5 mods for post-Gotham Kodi releases:
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