Total confusion and frustration
Hi ,first a little about myself and why I invested my limited resources on a media box to begin with.

I'm a single parent of 2 that I wish I could spoil and give to them every experience all their little friends at school have, problem is in today's economy an experienced 40 something construction worker like myself spends 6 months out of the year unemployed. The struggle is real! And after reading several "threads" , this is the first time I've ever really interacted with a web community and look I'm learning the lingo....kind of, I realize that I've been lied to and neither my kids nor myself will be watching free movies on this device which is why I invested in the first place.

So.... Not having a media library, and not being able to afford cable or purchase subscriptions for programming, what are my options for the use of this media player because when I get rid of the build which I read is what you say the problem is all I'm left with is empty files.... Now I've read some threads where you guys have called users ignorant and the like and basically insulted their intelligence in a diplomatic way, but I live in the real world and can see that the purpose for open source licenses is to provide the true freedom to choose whether to or not pirate content even though legally you have to keep a firm stance against piracy.

I'm a real supporter of freedom being a us army veteran and all. Realize that I'm intelligent, though maybe outdated, and without being condescending, please tell me how to make this investment of my extremely limited resourses fruitful so that at least my children aren't culturally and socially stunted by their lack of exposure to current popular culture.
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