Total confusion and frustration
If you have been in the military services in the United States then you probably heard of the old "Don't ask, don't tell" saying that made up their DADT-policy.

Now to make a non-sexuality related comparison to that saying; this, the official Kodi community has a "Piracy Policy" (which is part of its forum rules everyone including yourself agreed to when you registered an account), and that piracy policy pretty much sums up to; Don't ask, don't tell. That is, we all know that not all or most but surely many people use Kodi to watch and listen to media they gain access to illegally, but the point is that you must understand, accept, and respect that asking for help to get illegal access to media in any way in not OK here in this community.

If you do a search on Google's internet search engine then you will find millions of ways to rip and download pirated content and even different ways to use banned addons in Kodi from third-party sites. You are just not allowed to ask about it here on this website or in this forum. No one here will help you with that.

I am sure that many Kodi community members here get all or parts of their media files the legal way, ripping their own DVD-Video and Blu-ray movies or Audio-CD collections to a harddrive/NAS using a computer or using addons for services they pay for like Netflix, but I am also sure that get their media files in many different illegal ways which usually directly or indirectly involve some sort of piracy. It does not matter if you use banned addons or download pirated movies, shows and music via torrents or Usenet. All of those are a different form of piracy that is illegal and Team-Kodi does not want to get into trouble or jeopardize Kodi existant just because you do not care that piracy is illegal. 

Also, read Free_content (wiki) in the wiki and try to understand that there is a different between "freedom" and "free beer", and regardless, Team Kodi has decided on that piracy policy and as this forum is not a democracy you have no rights to claim freedom of speech. Read the piracy policy again in the wiki here This community will not assist you to pirate media or help you get free access to content you normally have to pay for, period.
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