Total confusion and frustration
@Jimbim I fully understand when times are hard and money is tight, many of us have been there at some point in our lives, but you have obviously read up on this forum and must realise this is not the place to ask about getting paid content for free.
Please don't think I'm patronising you or being condescending but from what you've described of yourself I really don't think the world of illicit Kodi addons is for you, its become a wild west environment where who knows what could be done to your device, home network or personal passwords, these days I wouldn't touch that world with a barge pole and I'm reasonably tech savvy.
I also don't think the world of media piracy is for you, you say that you can't afford subscriptions so I am assuming you can't afford the measures to protect yourself, in your circumstances the last thing you would need is a demand/summons from a copyright troll for that "free" TV show or movie you've downloaded.

I don't know all that is available for free in the US, but my advice would be to demand a refund from the person or company that lied to you and sold you the media player you've bought and invest that money into an Amazon Firetvstick which at the very least you can get the content from IMDB Freedrive or a Roku device on which you can get Roku's free equivalent of Freedrive.
On either you can always subscribe to Amazon or Netflix for not too much for a month at a time when finances allow, the beauty of services like those is there is no lengthy contract so you can subscribe as and when needed.
If you can't get a refund you can do the Netflix and Amazon thing when you can afford it but if that device you bought came with a Kodi "build" full of crappy addons that don't work I would urge you to do a factory restore on it, if it has a build pre-installed then someone has installed their own software on it and its not safe to register any of your accounts and passwords until its been reset.
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