Confused on how to deal with compilation albums with album artists and release series
Hi, everyone,

I've read the documentation on music tagging, scraping and massaging them into the database, but I'm still confused.

The wiki, especially section 3.2, deals with the file structure of albums, both artist albums and compilation albums. Some of this is easy. For example Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" calls for an artis folder "Pink Floyd", containing a folder for each album (in this case "Dark side of the Moon") which in turn contains a separate MP3 file for each track. The compilation album "Celtic Myst" by various artists has its own album folder under the "Compilations" folder but no artist folder.

However, I also have a vast number of compilation albums that do have an album artist. For example, "A State of Trance 2018" contains 42 works by different artists, but Armin van Buuren is listed as the album artist because he's the bloke who mixed all these separate tracks into a single album.

Then there are the compilation albums that all belong to the same series. There are two dozen albums in the "Supperclub" series alone which are classified as being from "Various Artists" but are entirely different in character from a "Various Artists" collection such as "Best Ever 80s Hits" or "We are the Blules 1995". Yet, from what I understand, Kodi simply treats them all alike. I would rather treat series of similar compilation albums by various artists and no listed album artist (e.g. the Supperclub or "Café del Mar" series) separately from the "mixed bag" compilation albums that are not part of their own separate group or series. From a standpoint of folder structure and file organization this is simple, but how does Kodi treat these albums when adding them to the database? I have read the Wiki, including section 7.1 which deals with compilations and multiple artists, but I'm still confused on how to treat these three different types of compilation albums.

Also, Musicbrainz is inconsistent when it comes to album artist tags. Some albums by Armin van Buuren have an album artist tag listing him as the album artist, but from other albums by Armin van Buuren (which should be treated identical) the Album Artist tag is missing. Section 7 of the Wiki warns me not to override this and change the album artist myself, because if I do that I'll apparently hose my database, a tree will fall on my house and I might just possibly trigger the Apocalypse.  Blush Does that mean that I can't correct MB's inconsistencies and am forced to introduce them into my database?

How should I deal with this? All suggestions are appreciated!!

PS: is it possible to add just one folder of music to the database without having to do an entire database update? I can scrape a single movie by navigating to the video file and hitting the 'i' button; is it possible to do the same with a single folder of MP3 files?


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