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(2019-06-14, 12:33)stapper56 Wrote: the music some is old some is new so the recording level is not equal, has kodi a function to scan the music so the level of the numbers will be on the same strength?
No, the nearest thing is replay gain values added to the tags via a 3rd party software.

(2019-06-14, 12:33)stapper56 Wrote: and This is for my android tv, can i put the playlist on shuffle?

2 options, open playlist and select shuffle from the left hand menu (assuming you've discovered that for additional options) or open playlist in Party Mode (in office today so don't have a kodi install handy to check exactly how you do this, I believe from memory it's an option on the Context menu with the playlist selected). The difference is in the loading time and what is displayed, party mode is quicker at loading as only the next 10 tracks are displayed where the current track disappears off top of list once played and a new one gets automatically loaded at the bottom so there's always 20 tracks in the list.

Perhaps for future occasions you could also start looking at these are playlists automatically generated based on rules you specify. For example you could add a Party genre tag to your files in addition to genres such as Rock, Dance or whatever, and if you also have the year in tags you can create Smartplaylists that do things like:

Match Party Genre
Match Dance Genre
Match between 1990 and 1999

So this will automatically create a playlist containing everything in your library that you've deemed a Party track & is a Dance track, and was released between 1990 and 1999.

The advantage here with Smartplaylists is that as you add new music files that match the rules they will automatically be added to the playlist the next you open the Smartplaylist.

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