MKA file tagging support in Kodi?
(2019-07-01, 17:04)DaveBlake Wrote: Meanwhile chatting to Spiff he confirmed that ffmpeg has issues with parsing Matroska tags, in particular it is not picking up the ALBUM tag.

I was mucking around with TagLib# 2.2.0 beta today and it reads the ALBUM, ALBUMARTIST and YEAR tags (from the Matroska '50' node) but it doesn't read any of the song specific tags (ARTIST, TITLE, GENRE, MUSICBRAINZ IDs etc from the 30 node). So between ffmpeg and TagLib they can read all the info needed. But that doesn't solve the issue for Kodi....

EDIT: MKVExtract is the only one that reads all the Matroska tags. ffprobe, ffmpeg, taglib#, MediaInfo all read one tag node or the other but not both.

So this is in quite a mess as you mentioned yesterday Dave. I guess Kodi has a good relationship with the ffmpeg team. Maybe a dev here can ask them to prioritise a fix (for Kodi 19.0 at latest).

I"m going to try using CUE files next (and I'll install the latest Millhouse Linux build with the TrueHD passthrough fix and test)
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