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MKA file tagging support in Kodi?
I’m taking a couple of posts from the Kodi bug tracker thread on the Matroska tagging issue so it can be discussed outside that PR. No need to make that a complex discussion.

@henkypunky said:
Wondering about this as I recently retrofitted tags to my mka files with foobar2000 and the album titles are extracted as expected. Just double checked with mp3Tag, the tag being used is ALBUM. This is true for Kodi 18.3 on vero4k as well as 18.2 on Fire TV stick 4k.

@DaveBlake said:
@henkypunky are you are saying you have .mka files that Kodi v18 is correctly reading album name from? If so then can you provide an example music file. I suspect that it may have ID3 v2 metadata and not Matroska, but need to see the file.

Foobar is probably not following the Matroska tagging spec. The Album tag is most likely being added in the 30 group and therefore gets read by ffmpeg in Kodi. (Since Matroska tools will add any key/value pair Foobar is just adding Album). If so, using Foobar to tag .mka files will work in the short term, with current ffmpeg version used in Kodi, but will fail once ffmpeg conforms to the Matroska tagging spec in the future.

Of course, if the Foobar tagging is used now, we could also use Mp3tag to add correct Matroska tagging so mka files will be compatible in the future as well as the current ffmpeg implementation. But that’s a cludge.

All will be known once henkypunky’s sample file is available for testing.
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