How to change the default sort order for Music with Files view?
(2019-07-26, 21:23)black_eagle Wrote: why don't you just tag the actual files, rather than sticking with cue sheets ?

This way allows to make the folder/file structure less complicated for multidisc releases. It is very hard, at least for me, to keep clearly organized a music single which may have more than ten different CD versions with different tracklists while it could contain the same song version putted on the same track number on different CDs related to the same single; check for example this link - this single contains 13 different disc variations (only 5 is visible by default but you may unhide all hidden variations by pressing the common menu sign and checking all the switchers and flags on). Not to say that different album reissues mostly contain the same tracklist.

With album+cue scheme I can just add the catalog number at the end of the filename and have my filestructre well organized and eazy to understand.

This way also allows true gapless playback - I know it is an old problem and modern music players are most likely could play gapless from separate files nowadays.

As for converting my collection from album+cue to files I have very huge CDs collection which was ripped disc by disc during years and every rip is triple-checked by me manually. I just don't want to go through the same routine once again but with different settings. I know that I could repeat this process right from my album+cue couples with some well known software like CUEtools or EZ CD Audio Converter to name a few. But I know no way how to stir up that software against my Music folder just once and take some rest [for several days] while it do its job preserving original quality and tagging of my existing rips.

And what about the CDs with tracks hidden in pre-gap before the album itself?

Also there would be problems with SACD rips that in their original format just could not be tagged other than via cue files as far as I know.

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How to change the default sort order for Music with Files view?0
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