duplicates in music library
@BikerDude I am losing track of what you have done. Have you retagged your music files consistently using Picard? From the most recent music db it clearly seems not. Your probelm is your tagging and no amount of messing with the db directly will fix that, so just don't mess with it!

You have managed to get 3 copies of the same music files into the library, that has to be a first!!!. I think it has something to do with scanning files with and then without mbid tags (thus conning Kodi into thinking they are different things) somewhere in restoring media files from backup and editing tags, but I haven't managed to repeat this trick myself. For example Eagles "Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975" you have 3 entries: one without mbid, one release 3636ccf5-c0c2-41e2-be52-9ccde1d3167e and the other a636b16c-01ba-416a-b04c-b3ed41280753 and copies of every song on each version of the album all pointing at the same music files.

All the garbled artists e.g. "lbum Artist" that you had when we first started discussion are back too, along with garbage like "www.music.pbtone.com" and "[ahashare.com]sounds FLAC ¤¤¤¤¤¤ TFM ¤¤¤¤¤ ¤¤¤ 2018 ¤¤¤"

Sort out your tagging, like I thought you had a few posts back, and then start with an empty library. The installation of Kodi is fine, but you need new userdata especially mymusic72.db.

Also follow the source advice given by @Karellen, put your consistently tagged music in a folder (or more)  and use those that could reduce some of the garbled things that are being picked up in your most recent attempts.

We will endevour to get you sorted out @BikerDude
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