Nvidia shield vs Minix Neo u9-h
(2019-08-08, 02:25)wrxtasy Wrote: Wow, did not know that. I can see why the Roku dominates the cheap streaming hardware / Apps market then.

Except - Roku/Netflix have for some reason (possibly for UI Menu trailer reasons (*)) disabled refresh rate switching for Netflix on Roku hardware that supports it at the moment... Everything else switches frame rate fine, just not Netflix. This was a regression introduced in July I believe. Very annoying. It went from being perfect to being almost as flawed as the Amazon Fire TVs...

(*) The Roku was, at one point, re-syncing frame rates as trailers auto-played within the UI - so as you went from the 60p UI to trailers for 24p series to trailers for 25p series you got re-syncs. It may be that the Roku API doesn't allow you to disable frame rate switching selectively within a Channel/Application for certain - so they disabled it globally for Netflix. Major step backwards.
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