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(2019-08-29, 14:52)ksooo Wrote: There are currently no untranslated strings in kodi-core German.
Yeah, I see that now. I confused KODI Main with kodi-core. The former has around ~250 untranslated strings and that was exactly the reason why I wanted to join.
Compared to other languages, German seemed to be a bit behind.
Most untranslated strings are in pvr-* resources, though. And those aren't high priority resources.
Quote:Reason is very bad experience in the past. Transifex allows everyone registered for the project to enter translations for new strings and those strings will go straight into the product without further review. And we do not have the manpower to closely monitor and correct the work of others.
I totally get that. But Transifex also has a review feature, so I assumed that the core-team could check newly translated strings every now and then mark each one as reviewed. I may be wrong about that, though.
Quote:You cannot imagine the quality issues that arose from that, given that we once had >100 German translators. Everything from small typos over inconsistent terminology to completely wrong translations went into Kodi releases.
Oh. Undecided
Keeping everything consistent isn't easy at all. I get your point.
MediaElch for example has inconsistencies that I still haven't fixed (I don't even want to think about "Du"/"Sie"/"man kann" issues...).
And in a code base as big as Kodi, keeping track of inconsistencies may even be close to impossible.
Quote:Currently we are a team of <10 active German translators and we are pretty happy with the quality of the German translation and with the speed new strings are getting translated.
I am happy with the quality as well. I just saw ">250 untranslated strings" on Transifex and thought: Maybe I can help? :-)
Quote:Unfortunately, when denying a request of a person willing to enter the team in TX there is no possibility to enter a reason which could be send to the affected person.
I have no idea why anybody at Transifex thought that a simple "Deny" would be enough. A small text field would have been enough. :-)
Quote:I just realized that one of my team mates already approved your request. Let's see how it will work out.
I wouldn't mind if somebody removes me from KODI Main again. If you have enough people then that's great!

Regarding proper German grammar: I prefer "zusammengesetzte Substantive" as well so that wouldn't be an issue. But are there any translation guidelines available in Kodi's wiki?
Translation_System (wiki) doesn't mention anything.
It may be worth adding a short paragraph that lists possible reasons a request could get denied. Saying that there are already enough people translating German (or another language) is a proper reason. I was just dumbfounded how fast my request was denied without any obvious reason and even thought that it might have been a bot Big Grin

Thank you for keeping the German translation up-to-date.

Kind regards,

PS: I found a few strings in skin-confluence that don't adhere to your guide, e.g. Kanal-Einstellungen. Or are there exceptions? I guess that's just another inconsistency which you were talking about.
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