NordVPN and Kodi Netflix ( legitimate account )
Yup but simple logic works 3 ways.

1) if you’re using a commercial paid VPN service then you’re paying them for support.

2) if you’re using a free commercial VPNservice then you’re still paying in other ways and they should support you in lieu of the data they’re harvesting and the ads etc they’re flinging.

3) if you’re smart enough to home brew, then you’re smart enough to either fix it yourself or find the correct product forum to ask (ie not here)

Also note that we don’t treat VPNs as banned (except when used for purposes which themselves violate our other rules). We just don’t support them. The threads that don’t violate the rules in other ways come here to off topic, not into the bin.

If an issue comes up and a VPN is in use then we ask for replication with it turned off. But we do not require or request removal.

We have no argument that there are real uses for VPNs, but in itself Kodi doesn’t require them for its use. Hence why I put the aforementioned policy together to be clear on the subject.
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RE: NordVPN and Kodi Netflix ( legitimate account ) - by DarrenHill - 2019-08-13, 21:07

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