Open DialogVideoInfo.xml for a specified movie?
Thanks for the response, @Lunatixz   That's the documentation that Ronie pointed to, but i guess what i don't understand is how or where to "get" the ListItem.

So if i'm doing something like this in a function..

li = xbmcgui.ListItem()

...and then this is what's called...

def displayVideoInfo(self,li):
        dialog = xbmcgui.Dialog(li)

...I see "<xbmcgui.ListItem object at 0x000000002C0B12D8>" written to my debug log, and no errors, but nothing happens (aside from the open dialogs correctly closing).

But your comment has i think helped me along since i'm trying to pass the ListItem now instead of trying to get it in the displayVideoInfo function.  I'm probably still trying to get the ListItem in the wrong place.  So i appreciate your help and i'll keep trying.
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