5.1 surround output via optical output
(2019-10-11, 18:17)ninjagull99 Wrote: Hi

I am need of advice.  I used to run openelec and Kodi on Asus passive motherboard.  This was HD video only but had optical SPDIF output that sent 5.1 surround signal to my Samsung surrounds sound blue ray player with optical in.  After purchasing a 4K TV I wanted to get a 4K kodi box.

At first I got an Nvidia Shield but this did not have optical out and all 3 HDMI - SPDIF splitters I tried  failed to send 5.1 surround signal to Samsung only 2 channel.  My 'Smart' TV also refuses to pass through 5.1 signal via optical out.


Not really sure this is what you are looking for !

I use Kodi ,Netflix and Prime on a Nvidia Shield  and initially was frustrated getting 5.1 output through optical digital connected to my Samsung Home Theatre (older model). DD+ from Netflix and 4K videos through Kodi were all problems - nothing much going to the Home theatre.

I've had success using this splitter - you can read the description to see if it matches your needs. There is a dip switch in the splitter to set up the splitter.

Lindy's HDMI 4K Audio Extractor De-Embedder

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