High CPU in 18.5 on Ubuntu 18.04
(2019-12-20, 17:00)Klojum Wrote: I'm still running ubuntu 16.04.6 as my daily driver, and I don't have a 'poll' process in my top listing. When googling there are some mentions of 'poll', but not directly related to v16.04. Also my C2D laptop with kernel 4.4.0.something seems to do okay. I'll check later for the poll process.
(2019-12-20, 15:59)jrmcfly Wrote: I upgraded the system to Ubuntu 18.04 in an attempt to resolve, but no luck.
I usually never upgrade my own systems, I always go for a new clean install. Just because of these situations.
(2019-12-20, 15:59)jrmcfly Wrote: Other boxes are running Ubuntu, 18.04 or 19.10, and Kodi 18.5, with no problems.
Perhaps you picked up something along the way with a fuzzy PPA repository? 
'poll' isn't a process. It's a system call. Of course you won't see it in top. He used strace. In any case, all poll does is wait for a file descriptor from a set of file descriptors to be ready for IO. It is an IO bound system call, and shouldn't be a cause of a CPU usage spike.

I think he needs to post a debug log to see what's going on.

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High CPU in 18.5 on Ubuntu 18.040
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