How do I create a range in smart playlist titles?
Yes my replies usually have technical flavour, after all we have a lot of intelligent and knowledgeable users, then I adjust if needed Smile

Also I work on Kodi for the enthusiast that puts some effort in to understand, and not the couch potatoe that wants it all magically to work the way they dream without excercising their brain cell. Couch potatoes beware Devil

(2020-02-01, 16:56)Cisco2kid Wrote: BTW Are you saying that the likelihood of there ever being a search function for titles or a search program or add on for Kodi (as on a laptop with a full operating system) is very remote?   I suppose that is because the little Kodi and librelec would not handle the indexing or something.
Kodi sits on top a SQLite database (or MySQL/MariaDB if you have a client server setup), and SQL is a powerful thing even when running on a RPi. But extending the smart playlist rule functionality to include regular expressions (so you can say give me titles that start "K.1[a-z]") is unlikley simply because there is minimal user interest (even in smart playlists at all) and not enough dev hours in the day.
But what you want to do with smart playlists for Mozart is a nice idea, and so I will file it away for future dreams Smile

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How do I create a range in smart playlist titles?0
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