Where is this artwork coming from?
...For album art, just let Artwork Beef in Kodi do it for you. It should download folder.jpg's and discart.png's to the album folders, direct from fanart.tv, and place all other artwork in a dedicated "Artist Information" folder to keep your music library clean from other (nessecary) clutter.

Alternatively, you can look into MusicBrainz Picard, but as I said above, it was designed for geeks (people like me), by geeks. So it's not the most user intuitive piece of software on the planet. It also requires an understanding of how it works to get the best out of it, and by that, I mean, it requires some changes from it's defaults to work well, settings-wise. But it absolutely will get your music tags straightened out (assuming the information exists). YMMV.

BTW: VLC Player is fine. While it's not "optimized" for music playback, it won't screw-up your artwork either.


EDIT: Some final notes; If tagging your own music and including embedded art in the music files themselves, in addition to external (folder.jpg, discart.png) files, is don't embed folder.png files into tags. I'm pretty sure that's not supported by the MP3 spec for either ID3v2.3 and ID3v2.4 tags. It will cause issues on other devices / platforms you may use your music on, so avoid doing that. You'll also probably want to tag against the ID3v2.4 standard for maximum Kodi compatibility. Most tagging programs will do both standards, and the latter will be more compatible with Kodi moving forwards, and for other reasons I won't bore you with here.

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Where is this artwork coming from?0
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