Can I modify how the Movie Database Scraper add on resolves movie names

I have a large collection of movies that I recorded from the TV. The movies are created with filenames that are not recognised by the Movie DB add-on. 

Here are some examples:

Filename: 20150813 2159 - NBC +1 - Prometheus.ts
Movie Name: Prometheus
Filename: 20150831 2159 - CBS+1 - The Bourne Identity.ts
Movie Name: The Bourne Identity

I understand that the best practice would be to rename all the files and even better to have each movie in its own folder with the name and year of the movie.

I haven't included any debug log because I know why it's not working... the filenames are not recognised by the regular expressions in the tmdb.xml files.

Can someone advise me on how I can modify the tmdb.xml file (the MovieDB Add-On) so it will recognise my particular movie filename convention??

I read this post about How to Write Media Scrapers and also this Reddit Post gives a lot of info about registering changes to an addon's .xml file.

I already have the regular expression I just need to know where to put it..

Here is what I think I need to do but I need some help please Smile

I was thinking can I add a new regular expression in the tmdb.xml file something like this...

<CreateSearchUrl dest="3">
<RegExp input="$$7" output="&lt;url&gt;;amp;query=\[email protected]@@[email protected]@@amp;year=$$[email protected]@@[email protected]@@amp;language=$INFO[language]&lt;/url&gt;" dest="3">
         <RegExp input="$$1" output="\1" dest="7">
              <expression>(\d{8} \d{4} -.*?- ?(.*)\.ts$)</expression>

There are SIX tmdb.xml files in my Kodi (LibreELEC) installation..


After some more reading it looks like..


are a companion pair that work together and...

surely isn't what I need since I am scrapping for movie metadata.

The <CreateSearchUrl> tag is in...

So now my questions are:

1. What is the difference between...

2. Do I need to make changes to both files?

3. Is there any special way to "re-install" the add-on after or will it just work when I make the changes to the xml file?


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