[RELEASE] AutoWidget - Let your widgets work for you!
(2020-03-29, 05:18)drinfernoo Wrote:
(2020-03-29, 04:39)jdig4240 Wrote:
(2020-03-29, 04:33)drinfernoo Wrote: Yeah, it appears that skin isn't using Skin Shortcuts at all. I can't tell what the error is without a log... but I'm not surprised it doesn't work.

Once again, AutoWidget does not work without a skin that uses Skin Shortcuts.  

Ok, yea, Xonfluence def doesnt use skin shortcuts. I can see from the log its looking for the skin shortcuts properties, so yea i understand now, thanks.. 

You know what... After thinking about it tonight, I don't think it would be terribly difficult to get them working, even with non-Skin Shortcuts skins. When I started working on this, it had more integration with Skin Shortcuts on my side than it does now, so I hadn't really considered how it could work without it Rofl

It can be done, I'll look into it Big Grin 
Ok everyone, I've got one for you to try. I've gone ahead and set up a way to process AutoWidgets on skins that store their widget data directly into skin strings, rather than into Skin Shortcuts files. This potentially means that we can know use AutoWidget with any skin... I hope Big Grin Another interesting side-effect of this new process is that (if you so choose and can figure out a good reason to do so) you can now probably "nest" widget groups inside of each other. Do with that what you may.

WARNING: Widgets (and widget groups) created in versions 1.2.5 or before are more than likely incompatible with this version, and will need to be recreated if you get errors after updating. This was necessary to solve issues with groups and paths that had the same name, since I was previously identifying them by name, rather than by a unique identifier as I am now.

I've tested this new method and can confirm it works with these types of paths in both Arctic Horizon and Arctic Zephyr 2, but need some more testing in various skins... so go ahead and grab the zip for 0.0.390 here: https://github.com/drinfernoo/plugin.pro....0.390.zip Smile

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