Vero 4K+ Review: Finally, a Native Kodi 4K + 3D Do-it-All Player?
(2020-05-26, 18:55)p750mmx Wrote: I bought the Vero 4k+ about a year ago, just to test and compar it with other (Kodi) HTPC's and media-players. The lacking of 3D MVC support was the reason that I put the device aside.
So joy to the world when I read this topic about the working (test) support for 3D MVC video. And after installing the latest available test build I could see that the Real 3D quality was great.

But... No video I play will go to the end, no matter what media format, they just stop playing, without any error whatsoever. I really have a lot I can test, believe me.

Sometimes I can start it again, it will stop again, sometimes I can't start it at all, press play, nothing happens, no error, sometimes I get the error that the media is missing and if I want to remove it from my library? Results are different every time.
Rebooting the Vero solves the issue, but not for long.

On that same 1GB network connection I test a lot of different media-players, and none of them shows that same problem under Kodi. Connection to Synology NAS is configured the same as on all the other players, for years and years.
I've read something about Vero's with a faulty network connection, but mine is bought some time after that period (May 2019), so that could not be the problem.

So...., anyone got any idea what is going on that gives these abort problems, just with this device an no other one? Any hint what to try?

That sounds unusual.
Did you try local playback from a drive at all?

It’s hard to speculate without logs but if you open a support request we should be able to assist you


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