Real world compare? Shield 2019 vs ODROID-N2
(2020-05-20, 21:25)ozkhan1 Wrote: What are the android (lineage OS) limitations for Kodi on N2? Does HDR work?

Yes HDR works.
As I previous wrote over in the Android Kodi thread...

I've used the following Lineage - Android TV OS 9.0 image (click) on the N2...some notes....

- It's snappy (eMMC only)
- Regular Android TV Apps work fine
- Android Kodi mostly works and is snappy.
- Very easy to Root via a simple Android TV GUI setting
- Use the free Etcher PC / Mac App to flash file to eMMC / SD card.


- there is no WideVine L1 DRM or HDCP - which means nothing greater than 540p for subscription video streaming services. eg. Netflix.
- the ODROID App is used to change some settings and very annoyingly it reboots the OS every time you want to manually change Android Display Resolutions or Hz.
- You MUST run Android from eMMC otherwise expect a snail slow bootup and general slow Android OS
- Android Kodi is limited to 2.0 PCM, 5.1 AC3/DTS audio only.
- Deinterlacing for OTA TV PVR usage is half motion 25i=25fps or H264 interlaced content stutters
- The is no auto Resolution Switching like you get with CoreELEC or a Shield.
- Auto Refresh Switching has to use a special N2 - AFRD helper App from HERE (click)
- The Android OS has to have it's Root switch toggled in Developer Settings (easy to do), watch YouTube - link found over Lineage ATV OS HardKernel thread to use that AFRD App.

Oh and you had better know how to ADB connect from a Mac or PC to get the Android ROM - Google registered to get Google Playstore working.

There has been an interesting development over in Nvidia land with Nvidia GeForce Now app adding support for a wider selection of
Android TV devices (click)


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