Need help to find a bug in my library!
I spent last few days trying to figure this out. I am on Ubuntu, Kodi runs on Pi3B+ (libreelec)

I had some old lossless wma files which I wanted to convert into flac to fix some tag issues. Procedure as follows:
1. Take some working wma files with extended Picard tags
2. Pass them through soundconverter -> receive flacs with only some basic tags remaining
3. Compare random files in audacity (invert one wav and mix together to get silence) to make sure conversion went well
4. Run Picard on them -> be happy to get all metadata back
5. Copy to Kodi -> done? nope, get every new track skipped

Seems like a some tag compatibility issue, so then:
1. Take official tools (flac package)
2. Since it's now hard to distinguish converted files, get excited to treat whole library
3. Retrieve tags into txt, sort them nicely A-Z, strip all tags from flac and re-apply from txt back into files:
for i in STORAGE/music/*/*.flac; do $(metaflac --export-tags-to tag "$i"); sort tag > tag_sorted; $(metaflac --preserve-modtime --remove-all-tags --import-tags-from tag_sorted "$i"); done
4. Reencode library with latest encoder just to make sure:
for i in STORAGE/music/*/*.flac; do $(flac "$i" -V --force --preserve-modtime -5); done
5. Check if tracks are error-free:
find . -type f -iname '*.flac' -print0 | xargs --null flac -wst
6. Tracks which worked fine still do, new ones still get skipped
7. Give up and search for help

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Need help to find a bug in my library! - by yuga1 - 2020-06-02, 18:07

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