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(2020-06-14, 00:33)chrissix Wrote:
(2020-06-13, 12:51)PapaUserDE Wrote: Hi, I've looked, but it turns out that there are no solutions. I opened myself already a question on how to "re-combine" split episodes (multi-part epsidoses named a/b). Now I get the next shortcoming with collection, where TMDB moderators disqualify and delete collections, like German TV fairy tale series "Sechs auf einen Streich",
A German thread on TMDB shows the problem. TMDB and it's moderators are extremely restrictive and do not simplify life, so it seems up to Kodi to do something about it?
If you wanna do it this way you have to use a Media Manager, i use Media Companion.
Then you are not dependent on the restrictive TMDB metadata and can do everything (re-)edit again as you want.

So, I meanwhile got used to the fact that I can have KODI work nicely on movies, directing it with an nfo-file to the proper movie. Even using ?language=de-DE or en-US to define which language to download. Some are not there in German, so I then edit their nfo-file.
The problem is the "management" - or should I say failing - on series. Even with the naming being optimized to KODI, there was not a single series I taped from TV that was tagged properly. Either the information comes up in English or the episode is simply missing. For the kids a disaster.
I tape Arrowverse since 2015 - and my naming is by date. As is, I know there is no means to display that properly in KODI. Except by writing the nfo-files "by hand" (with some scripting help). Especially, as KODI - different from movies - does not allow to link the episode to scrape the information.
(20151116) Supergirl (1.04) Unter Strom (de)
(20151117) Flash (2.07) Grodds Rückkehr (de)
That allows me to watch it nicely in air-date-order. Via Universal Media Player and VLC. To transfer myself to KODI? Arrowverse itself is about 500 episodes. Plus movies which are interlinked, but I so far did not look into how I can cross-reference those properly, I think I must change the "movies" to "episodes" there.

On I learned on the kids series that they usually delete German descriptions if they are copied from sources that relate back to the TV-station, i.e. KiKa. Killed an afternoon of uploading the content ripped from TVmovie and ...

So what i did, is to run KODI on my PC for the kids series, import their series folder to KODI, export to single files and throw away the crap. Go through them then using Media Companion or mostly scrape them "by hand" from, KiKa Mediathek, etc. I scrape them into nfo-files, download the image thumbs, posters, banners for the series. Simple stupid that I can't share the information, wouldn't know where. And as mentioned, thetvdb and themoviedb simply deleted my uploads.

The same I then do with the split episodes, I edit the NFO-file that comes incorrectly filled from thetvdb and themoviedb. A lot of manual work, countering the reasoning behind using a scraper! Overall, I keep to my suggestion, I think KODI should provide more means to work around those "known shortcomings". First would be to be able to link series episodes to either or with an nfo-file just like the movies. Second to allow to merge episodes, merging the titles and plots of multiple episodes into one, using multiple links in the nfo-file.

There is also another shortcoming I came by: I have a lot of blu-rays ripped on my local server with double- or triple-audio (DE,EN,RU). I found I have to rerun many movies and episodes there to make sure the kids have German as the default language in the MP4-file, KODI does not select the preference. That would be a nice addition to KODI to allow language-dependent nfo-files. My wife prefers RU or EN, I prefer EN or DE, my kids need DE. So for "The Fifth Element", I'd like to have all three descriptions in a local nfo-file... I'll add that to 251685 (thread)

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