v19 Is there a way to ask Kodi to remember the Queue between restarts?
(2020-06-21, 20:59)scott967 Wrote:
(2020-06-21, 02:08)ThumbOne Wrote:
(2020-06-20, 13:42)jjd-uk Wrote: Out of interest I just tried this Kodi Resume script on Leia 18.7 and it still seems to work. I queue a load of songs, entered the Playlist window showing the queued tracks, used S key to bring up Shutdown menu and choose exit, upon starting Kodi again playlist was loaded and playback resumed from previous point and Playlist window was automatically opened again (script has setting "Current window" so it monitors which window you are in so it can return you to that window). Note it was only a brief test so I can't testify there aren't bugs due to it not having been updated in 5 years.

So I think it does exactly what you want @ThumbOne

@scott967 I see you expressed an interest in this type of functionality in https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=355312

@matthuisman I think you would make a few people happy if you took it up again and updated it to python 3 to it make Matrix compatible.
Thanks heaps for testing it! I'm on Kodi 19 now so we shall see. Will try it soon, have to sort out some other issues first ;-).
I forked that "resume" addon eons ago, but it seemed like a sledge hammer approach to just saving a playlist with a currently playing position.   I did have a quick look at the source and it looks easy to update to matrix.

scott s.

I forked it and took a look at the python. Some learning to do there, but yes, looks like overkill. It's not well documented internally, and if I fix it for Matrix (basically Python 3 and any changes to the API) I'll probably be documenting it internally properly. It uses a SQLite database, which is fine, it's implementation of timers looks dubious to me but hey we shall see.As ever, I think in time this should be Kodi core. But this addon is a great start!

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Is there a way to ask Kodi to remember the Queue between restarts?0
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