Dirilis : Ertugrul  Resurrection : Ertugrul NFO files
Dirilis : Ertugrul  /  Resurrection : Ertugrul  NFO files 

Hi Everyone ,

There is currently no listing for the Netflix version of the TV Show at TheMovieDB and TVDB.
Netflix version has the shorter episodes (45-50 Min ) & therefore Longer Episode counts  Esp season 2 & Season 5.

I added the Turkish show to my kodi library. As there are no netflix version show listings Re seasons:  Episodes hence I did it myself.
what I have done is a tradeoff.
I scraped the epiodes available via tvdb , but then using ember media manager I created simple nfo's for the episodes that are NOT listed on tvdb.
So now I have ALL the episodes scraped in Kodi library.
But there are the "not on tvdb list" episodes where the nfo is just simple , basic & threadbare i.e. not having title of episodes , description  etc etc etc .
I made cleararts / logo / Show theme myself & I understand that these might not be Fanart.tv standard's but hey these work for me.
There were some episodes (season 2) where I started off making "Resurrection : Ertugrul" nfo's like Netflix but gave it up.If anyone wshes to use that template & extend & make further nfo's & share in this thread then please be my guest.

The downloadable 7-zip file includes the following...
  • TV Show and 5 Season folders
  • NFO Files for each episode and the TV Show
  • Artwork for the TV Show, Seasons, episodes including theme.
As per Netflix version , the Show is ;
  • Season 1 :   76 Episodes
  • Season 2 :   103 Epiosdes
  • Season 3 :    91 Episodes
  • Season 4 :    90 Episdoes
  • Season 5 :    88 Episodes   
HOW to USE :  
  • Extract the 7-zip files into your Kodi TV Show Source folder 
  • Add your episode video files and rename them to match the naming of the nfo files.
  • Scan the show into your TV Show library.
  • Bob's your Uncle   Wink


Dirilis Ertugrul NFO Files

P.S : Ember media manager  Is the Best media manager That I personally use for my Kodi needs. be sure to check it out !

Note: There are no video files in these downloads. The downloads contain metadata and artwork only which is freely available on the internet.

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