Local NFO files - a question
Hi there

Apologies if this is the wrong location - but I'm trying to clarify whether what I'm trying to do is actually possible.

I have a PVR back-end that constantly records 5 TV stations, and creates day folders, with channel sub folders, and then these contain all the shows for that channel that day. The idea is to record all the shows constantly for a rolling 14/28 day period, so I always have every show I may have missed recorded in off-air quality (and can copy it away for long-term storage if I want to keep it). This is working OK so far.

I also have a post-record script that also creates a .NFO file for each recording, and this .nfo file is deleted along with the .ts file after the 14/28 day period.

The file structure is :

2020-06-30 (Day folder)
--BBC ONE HD (Channel folder)
  --1300.BBC News at One.ts (Show file)
  --1300.BBC News at One.nfo (Metadata for show file in what I thought was Kodi .nfo format)
  --1330.This is BBC One HD.ts
  --1330.This is BBC One HD.nfo


The .nfo files contain approx the following :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
    <title>BBC News at One</title>
    <plot>2020.06.30 13:00 BBC ONE HD
The One O'Clock News from The BBC [HD][S]</plot>

Is there any way of getting these .nfo files - or similar - to associate with the .ts files, so that as I navigate around the files in Kodi, I see the <plot> metadata appear alongside the file details ?  Is there another route to doing this ?

I'm trying to avoid all my Kodi clients having to access a PVR client.

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