Titan BINGIE MOD v1 (UPDATED - 07/24/2020)
(2020-11-03, 02:25)mathu204 Wrote:
(2020-11-03, 02:23)mathu204 Wrote:
(2020-11-03, 02:18)mathu204 Wrote: Image 1 is from a fresh install yes, i even fresh installed a second time. I noticed this if it might be of help to you; I didnt use the set up guide or whatever so when i loaded in for the first time the only widget that loaded was the category widget which wasnt a poster aspect it was more rectangular, but the white postrer sized box was still around it this was when i first noticed somethign was up.

Okay thank you i will set a spotlight to try and fix it, im using this on a laptop but the resolution is still kinda wierd im not sure how to explain it but it looks much clearer on arctic horizon or auramod, when i look at the back button i can even see it pixelated around the edges and stuff. About the other things alright thank you for answering everything.

Regarding the season thing that is unfortunate, i like to use TMDB Helper as my main addon for widgets and stuff and just redirect through Disney +, Netflix, and others rather than library integration. I tried it once and it broke all my watched statuses and stuff it was just weird for me, i do know it loads widgets so much faster but I can never find a clear guide on how to library integrate and or fix sync issues. Is there a reason you don't make it work like auramod or atleast add it as an alternative option? It would be really great and for me as of now is the only thing missing for my personal uses
The original skin creator Cartman made it work like this. To be honest, I don't know for sure what I'm telling you is right as the only addon I'm using as a widget is the Netflix addon.  It's really not that bad. Flatten the season level and it goes straight to episode view.  Yeah, you don't all the seasons listed together on the left but you do get all the episodes from each season on the right and you do get the correct season displaying on the left.

No idea how auramod works.  And it's not something I'm personally capable of implementing.  So it has a Netflix style episode view that works for addons?
Quote:the box is slightly off, and it leaves some of the poster at the bottom outside of the box and it is just bugging me lol, i know its not a major issue but still just thought id post it.

Regarding the resolution thing I realized what i had wrong on my laptop was that the resolution was on 1360 or whatever, i changed it to 1280x720 and it looked better atleast so i thought, but everytime i go into fullscreen it goes back into the 1360 resolution in the settings but now for some reason i cant tell if this is just a placebo, it looks better anyway. The poster resolution still looks like it could be slightly better but the text on the main menu labels on the left look proper now it used to look squished. anyways just ignore this part cause i have no idea what im talking about.

If someone can help get that box all the way around the poster correctly to help me from getting annoyed everytime i see it would be much appreciated.
As I mentioned previously, switch off "fixed frame in home and hubs". This isn't currently supported as it's broken in a couple of ways.  We took it out, brought it back for testing purposes and forgot to disable it for users. 

I understand what you're saying about the font looking "squished". The correct resolution for the skin is 1080p which is 1920x1080.  This is the correct option you need to select in your Kodi display settings.  Set it (with fullscreen enabled) and then reboot Kodi for it to display properly and then check your display settings again to make sure it sticks.

If your laptop doesn't support that then I guess the next best thing is 1280x720. And as I mentioned, set it (with full screen enabled) and then reboot Kodi.

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