Titan BINGIE MOD v1 (UPDATED - 07/24/2020)
(2020-11-05, 15:44)mathu204 Wrote:
(2020-11-05, 14:35)HugoL Wrote:
(2020-11-05, 13:16)mathu204 Wrote: Hello again, so regarding the resolution thing i think it might not be a skin issue but ill post on Reddit too to see if i can find an answer, whenever I go back into fullscreen the resolution I set always goes back to 1366, any ideas on why or how to remedy this?

2. I was playing around with widget styles and noticed the Poster size in Poster details is bigger than the normal posters and it actually looks a lot better, I would use this aspect if I didnt have the widget info at the top cause its just redundant to see info twice. Anyways so my question is do you guys ever see yourself making the normal Posters size bigger to the same size as Poster details or adding a bigger Poster option? There is already Landscape and Large Landscape (which i just switched to large landscape for my episodes), so I think adding a "Large Posters" size wouldnt be a bad idea.

3. Sometimes the Spotlight autoplay trailer doesnt work its on and off, however this is not a problem since im not using a lot of library content and just using TMDBHelper, it uses Youtube for the trailers, I realize this skin is meant to revolve around library/local content and having trailers local too so the fact that it doesnt pull from youtube all the time isnt a big deal to me since I know its not you guys main focus but just thought I'd let you know.

3b) On the topic of spotlights, is it possible to change the interval that a movie or show stays in a spotlight, or a button to press next or somethign to scroll through spotlights? You can do this in Auramod and thought it would be nice, either or would be fine since I feel like im looking at the same show or movie for too long some times with no change. Or even a refresh button. Though I just installed autowidget so I might be able to do this manually anyway, but just another suggestion: Spotlight autochange, or ability to scroll through.

4. This one is a bug I have noticed, recently whenever I am in a hub whether its Home or another one, after a few seconds the widget label (Ex: UP next, or cont. watching), starts to scroll up until it just goes away and then I am left with the widgets alone. After maybe 15 seconds it will come back and then sometimes do it again.

5. Is there a settings guide anywhere or would any of u kindly be willing to share your settings? Im still playing around with a lot of stuff and I love that this skin is so customizable, I may just have to give library integration with NEtfilx, D+, and or TMDB Helper again just because it will give me that much more from this skin.

6. How do you get all the Ratings icons to show up im pretty sure ive enabled them but in episodes I only get IMDB top250 ratings, and TVDB episode rating, which is good enough. But for spotlight there are no ratings, or "Like by x%, etc" when i scroll down or go the main menu and it goes out of focus the TMDB rating comes up but thats it, and it doesnt show up in the spotlight itself. Ratings on shows and movies in their respective info dont show up for me either.

Thanks again for the great skin and all the help and support you have given me I know some of these are probably questions you get over and over again,
1. I doubt this is a skin issue.  Easily confirmed by switching to Estuary to check if you have the same issue.  I don't know what you mean by "go back into fullscreen".  Why were you out of fullscreen to begin with?  Maybe try adding all 1920x1080p options to your whitelist in the display options and then set the resolution to 1920x1080p and then properly exit Kodi and restart. 

2. Changing the poster size is not something I'm personally interested in.  We've matched Netflix poster size and I'm happy with that.  The poster size in Poster details is marginally different anyway.  Same width and a bit taller.

I actually do use the Poster Details layout myself sometimes, always with the Spotlight Switched off.

I was thinking about doing some edits on the focussed layout here, like maybe a clearlogo and fanart there instead of the poster while focussed. 

3.  Should work fine providing you have scraped trailers with your scraper and you have a youtube developers API when there's no scraped trailers.

3b.  I think if you have trailers enabled, it switches content after the trailer.  Not too sure how it changes generally but I'd like to see if refresh more too.

4. That's the widget header and I'm pretty sure I fixed this bug already.  Can you try redownloading and report back.  (Plot scrolls is a horrible setting by the way! I don't understand why anyone would want all that scrolling text).  You can get full plots in "plots & cast" and if you have "plot outlines" scraped you should be able to mostly get full plots in the video dialogue main window too.

5.  Mine as mostly default to be honest.

6.  Regarding Spotlight (details row) ratings, sounds like an addon thing.  Local library will always display the Netflix style green "% liked"  (based off your scraped default ratings) on your details row, unless you switch to the IMDB/RT details row option which will display their ratings instead (along with TVDB for TV shows).

See here, for your other ratings on footer question.
regarding 6 that is weird cause I can get the like by % to show up in widgets and the IMDB top 250 rank, and TVDB episode rating in widgets. But in spotlights no ratings appear, ill keep playingaround. 

Ill try to redownload for 4, and 3 what do u mean by scraper, can i download different scrapers for youtube trailers cause i did not configure anything, it just plays the trailer by itself (i put in my apis), i use youtube as i dont have any local trailers, but the problem is that sometimes the trailer plays and sometimes it doesnt. For the same spotlight too so i know its not that it cant find the video.

Regarding 1 how can i edit the whitelist or whatever?

Adding clearlogo to poster details would be nice btw!

Bit confused by what you're saying to be honest.  You said earlier "But for spotlight there are no ratings, or "Like by x%, etc" when i scroll down or go the main menu".

Now it sounds like you're saying the opposite.  Can you explain your problem clearly or with pictures?

A scraper  "scrapes" metadata for your library videos and also scrapes trailers. Obviously you need a library set up for it to work.  I don't know about your YT issue to be honest.  All my trailers worked when I did use YT but since my YT API is no longer working for some reason, I never bothered jumping through hoops just to get another one set up.

The whitelist should be found in your Kodi Display options like I mentioned.  Try setting your Settings Level to expert if it's not showing.

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