Titan BINGIE MOD v1 (UPDATED - 07/24/2020)
(2020-12-28, 03:25)mathu204 Wrote:
(2020-12-26, 04:55)mathu204 Wrote:
(2020-12-25, 15:09)cscott1 Wrote: Is it showing the correct episode information and just skipping ahead or is it playing the wrong episode for the information listed? I have the latter sometimes but it's not a skin related issue sometimes there will be a special or a two part episode that the streaming addon will have listed improperly. I watched a whole season of a show where the I was always an episode ahead of what it was listed it eventually righted itself.
So lets say I am on 1x02 of a show. I click play on it and back out real quick without it even playing bc i realized i dont want to watch this show. When I back out the widget Continue Watching on my home will show 1x03 instead of 1x02 now instead even though there is no progress on 1x02, and it is not watched, not sure if its skin related or not but i assume Kodi thinks that I played 1x02 or somehting and shows 1x03. If i press it and play it it will play 1x03 (the correct one for what it shows; but it shows the wrong episode which is the problem). If i go into More Episodes below it will correctly show I have no progress on 1x02, but the widget will always show 1x03 as my current episode even though it knows its not the right one bc going into More Episodes shows it correctly. 

So far the only way to fix this is Marking 1x02, and 1x03 watched, then marking both as unwatched and then going back to the home screen in which it will update to 1x02.
Or by going into More Episodes, playing 1x02 part way enough to leave a playback progress in which when I go back it will show x% 1x02 correctly.
Glad you got it working Nazim no prob, now I have some questions for you nice folk at Titan Bingie Mod lol. Numbered and an imgur link to reference.

1. This is just continuing off the quoted thread above the first two images are just 2 pictures of it if i didnt explain it well enough. Wrong episode sometimes shows on Next episodes widget.

2. Im Not sure if this is meant to work this way, and if it is maybe you would consider changing it. So in the in progress episodes, it shows a red progress bar to visualize where you are in the episode. This bar does not show up for Movies in the main view. When i press info and it shows resume the bar is there so it is not like it isn't there or is it not possible to create. If there is a reason you dont add this why not? Is it cause its not like this in Netfilx, or cause there is a limitation of some sort? I do think that putting the bar for movies too would be nice as it makes for a more constant experience.

3. I dont encounter often but I added the movie Taken to my library and it said New episodes rather than New. Is the function to say "New" for movies that are recently added possible or there? It may just be a one off bug bc i added a show called Taken to my library at the same time too but just raising this. Not that serious but yea.

4. Some shows have names for seasons like DBZ, Naruto, or Archer, etc. The problem I have with this though is when I go into Bingie Episodes view, the seasons on the left are incorrectly ordered, I think it goes alphabetically which messes up the whole order. So far my only way to solve this is to switch to TVDB scraper, but as many of you know unfortunately TVDB may be switching to paid soon. Do u think u can make it so Bingie Episode view orders season by release date or something else instead to make it more accurate? Also the folders in my library are named Seasons 1 thru 9, the information provider is what gave the seasons these names.

5. Lastly, in the last image you can see there is a movie with only an iMDB, and TMDB rating. With RT Audience set as the default there is no "x% liked" status on the details row, can you consider making it so when the default rating is not available that it fallbacks to any of the other ratings that are available? In this case of the image, IMDB or TMDB.

Bump on this, any thoughts @HugoL ?

Also have a new suggestion, I was messing around with my other Auramod build that I know really just use for testing before importing stuff into Titan Bingie, but I noticed that instead of TBM where all the episode counts (or remaining episodes to watch) are on the corner of the posters. Auramod shows them only on the one you are highlighting which i think is better Bc you can see the posters and stuff a lot better when its not on all of them, IMO. 


What do u think?

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