Kodi crashes when playing 2-ch audio with Auto Passthrough
Hello Everyone,

I hope this post is in the correct forum. I have Kodi 18.7 installed on my Nvidia Shield TV Pro device and I am new to Kodi. Until now I have been using Serviio as my media server. It seems to run well except for one thing: when I play mp4's with 2-ch audio, Kodi crashes and locks up completely, to the point that I have to shut off the Ndivia Shield TV and restart it. I seem to have narrowed it down to the Auto Passthrough setting in Kodi, but I'm not sure. Here's the details:

The mp4's in question are home movies that were converted from VHS. The original conversion was done to avi, then converted to MP4 using Handbrake. It's 2ch audio that was set to "Auto Passthrough" in Handbrake during the conversion. It's important to note that Kodi is the only player that is having trouble with the audio. So far the videos have played flawlessly using Serviio and on any device that I've played them on - computer, PS3, TV, etc. When I play these videos on the Shield TV using another player, there is no issue playing them.

On my computer I use MediaInfo software to see the video file properties. The mp4 video files in question show TWO audio tracks, both described as "320 kb/s - 32 khz - 2ch - AC-3 (Dolby Digital)".

When I play these videos in Kodi, there is video but no audio. Sometimes the video stutters and then locks up. When I look at the audio settings during playback, Kodi describes the audio track as "undetermined - AC3 Stereo - 2channels". So, at this point, the video plays but there's no audio. If I stop the video and try to exit Kodi using the power button, Kodi won't exit - it locks up and I have to restart the device. Another interesting side effect is that the Kodi navigation button-click sounds also go away when this happens.

When I go into Kodi Settings and disable "Allow Passthrough" in the Audio settings, the videos then play normally with the audio track. As I test, I re-encoded a video using AAC codec instead of Passthrough. The video played normally.

Again, Kodi is the only player that seems to be having trouble with these video files. Interestingly, when I play movies that have been converted with Handbrake Kodi seems to have no trouble with them, but those movie files are always 5.1 Ch Dolby Digital or DTS and I always choose "Passthough" audio in Handbrake when I convert them.

Since Kodi is installed on the nVidia shield, I'm not quite sure how to get any logs from it.

Any ideas?

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