RetroPlayer display buffer issue / bug
Pi4 8Gb, LibreElec/Kodi18

Feel free to laugh at me, I'm still trying to find the stuff about using two controllers.

When you bring up the Kodi menu during a game, and go into controls or advanced settings, it's impossible to see what you're doing because the game screen is being drawn over the top of Kodi.

Looking at the code, it seems like the pause for when the menu appears is simply done by setting the frame speed to zero.

Even though the frame speed is zero, the emulator seems to be drawing direct to the frame buffer, which is covering up Kodi, and probably also explains the insane flickering and why the top is more "game" while the bottom more "Kodi". That also suggests to me that it's not double buffering at that point - maybe the game is being repeatedly drawn to one frame buffer? From the flickering, it's certainly drawn on the frame buffer while displayed.

The emulator needs to either be told not to do that, or maybe RetroPlayer could use a different frame buffer while the game is paused for the menus?

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RetroPlayer display buffer issue / bug - by Magic Matt - 2020-09-16, 20:52

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