Time to go down rabbit hole...
1) Didn't know about "you end up with low quality images embedded in the file". So is the the idea of having "Artist Folders" described below, yes/no?
2) I think i will deal with any oddballs at a later time (compilations, soundtracks, audiobooks, etc)
3) So I think I understand file/folder structure a bit better from this link section 3.2. As it says it is not required but I am right at start so no issues organize them like this: Artist Information, Artist Music, Compilations, Classical, Audiobooks all at same level, then different artists (Madonna, Smash Mouth, Will Smith) inside Artist Music folder, Compilations underneath compilations folder, Classical underneath Classical folder, etc, etc, etc...
4) From my question #3 and this link section "2 Fetching additional artwork" I believe it makes sense why I only got (artist.nfo, fanart.jpg, and folder.jpg) for the artist Smash Mouth. But using MediaElch I got (same but also logo.png) for Smash Mouth. Is it because "banner", "clearart", "logo", "fanartxx (extrafanart)", "landscape" are Experimental or I have a setting incorrect? Not 100% clear on this one.

I think I am getting closer but a few forks in the road still exist.
1) Should I make sure to NOT embed images using MusicBrainz Picard since they can grab lower quality? Or is there a setting or order of operations of where it grabs images (ex. all pretty pics from my labor, if not then embedded images, if not then online (but not in my case)). What should I do?
2) If I am going down this rabbit hole might as well do it correctly, just once. So with all the bells and whistles with #4 above "Fetching additional artwork" what settings, checkboxes, instructions to make it work? I think Kodi v18, something called Artwork Beef, and some file "advancedsettings.xml" (don't know where to find that one). Very "grey area" on this one.
3) I do have option to connect to internet if needed but 99% of time I purposely don't. If using "Universal Artist Scraper" and "Universal Album Scraper" are those results downloaded to artist folders? My thinking is let Universal album/artist scrapers do most of work then modify individual files as needed. Then disconnect internet.

More questions I am sure to follow...

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