[Linux] Antec Fusion Remote / Imon / MCE USB IR
Hi there

Now that xbmc works on my ubuntu htpc I would like to make the display of my case working. I searched the forum and found some threads regarding howto make a soundgraph VFD/IR work.

Unfortunately none of those descriptions worked in anyway. Means; no IR and no LCD functionality at all (using jaunty, most of the howto's were for hardy)

For the moment I use my old MCEUSB receiver which is working fine. But the LCD is still just turned on, showing non information.

I would really appreciate if someone could tell me what exactly I will have to do to make lirc work with the soundgraph hardware. When i install lirc there is this little setup tool where I can define the hardware i'd like to use. After setting this info it is written into the lirc.hardware.conf (or something like that) This is allready the start of my little dilemma ^^ because I have no Idea how to change this hardware.conf. After De- and reinstallation of lirc the setup is not coming up again and the lirc manual contents not a word of this hardware.conf file Sad

Btw. I installed lirc with this command: sudo apt-get install -y lirc. So i did not use the latest svn because as far as I understood the description my Soundgraph device should be supported by this version (0.8.3)

Thx a lot


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