[question] could xbmc use an external python installation?
hi there,

first of all, i'm not a developer. i'm an ordinary xbmc user which encounters some trouble with recent addons to xbmc (like the weather com plus plugin and the "recently added" addon).

using windows 7, i've encountered random freezes which, when checking debug.log, seem to be python related. they have in common:

ERROR: CThread:ConfusedtaticThread : Access violation at 0x1e0ac802: Writing location 0x00000000

several ppl reported me they get the same error and freeze here and there.

now, i wonder if it would help to install a python environment on windows itself and have xbmc use that instead of the internal supplied python. just like the devs did for ffmpeg. maybe this would make python scripts running more stable on recent windows versions? when checking the python homepage, i also realised there are newer versions (2.62 and 3.1) than the one used by xbmc (2.4.5150.1012) which also have x64 binaries (not that i know if that helps anyway).

or when external support isn't doable, maybe we could just drop newer python related files into xbmc's python directory and benefit from their up-to-date status?

i don't know much about python, just want to find out what could be done to eliminate those freezes, so forgive me if i ask for something simply not doable at this time.. Rolleyes
cheers,azido :;):
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