No automount 9.11b2 Live
On Beta1 I use my own init script and runXBMC with "/usr/share/xbmc/xbmc.bin --standalone" command. But now on Beta2 my runXBMC not working. I change runXBMC command with "/usr/bin/xbmc --standalone" and all working fine.

After that I realize my USB Storages not mounted automatically Sad I have no idea whats goin on and whats my mistake. Pls don't say need "nodiskmount" param for grub because I never use it before "nodiskmount" or "diskmounter" and everything work fine. Automount not working for USB storage or USB stick even for my mp3 player Sad

My own init script for Intrepid
My runXBMC script
My XBMC debug log

PS: I'm not using Live. I install my own. Also using this script for my POLKIT

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