[REQ] How To Make Modifications
Hello there - I've been working my way through and altering some of the early file mode video views and some of what you've asked for has actually now been addressed. As you can see in the updated image below:


But to answer your questions about modifying parts of the skin:

Expanding time and date text area - you would need to edit lines 1045 and 1061 of the includes.xml file in the PAL folder to expand the width to suit.

Changing the font used in the Movie title - again you would need to edit a line this time line 15064 in the CommonViewTypes.xml file in the PAL16x9 folder. You would need to pick a different font from the ones listed in the font.xml file.

Moving the Menu over to the left of the screen - this would require editing line 112 of the MyVideo.xml file in the PAL16x9 folder. Change the x co-ordinate to 0 for example.

Have fun!

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