[WINDOWS] GPU with audio over HDMI Support
Hi all,

Currently I'm running XBMC on my main pc which is running Windows 7.

My Samsung 50 inch plasma is connect via HDMI with my Onkyo 707 AVR which is connected via the 2nd dvi connection on my ATI radeon X1950XT GPU.

In short that would be:

PC (win7, xbmc, GPU:x1950XT) >> DVI/HDMI converter >> Onkyo TX-SR707 >> Samsung PS50B650

At the moment I'm running a separate (digital coax) wire for my audio from my pc to my AVR, because the GPU doesn't have a HDMI connection and my onboard soundcard doesn't support this either.

Now what I'm looking for is the following:

I want the best solution for sending both the audio and video via HDMI from my PC to my AVR. Because I want it to be a little futureproof, I also want it to be able to send the bitstream HD audio formats OR LPCM (since it's both the same, only with LPCM the signal isn't send compressed but decompressed by the soundcard in the PC). And with futureproof I also mean that I should also be able to move the card to a HTPC when I've found a good solution for that and am willing to pay the money for a complete HTPC Smile

Currently, from what I could find, only ATI is supporting the bitstreaming of the HD audioformats with their new 5000 series (5750 and up). But I'm not sure how the support is under linux since the ATI/XBMC combo don't have VPDUA support, or any other api which offloads the CPU while playing 1080p content.

So the questions I have:

- How is the support of an ATI GPU under linux/xbmc?
- Is the playback of the HD audioformats supported in xbmc?
- Does Nvidia have any good solutions for the combined audio/video via HDMI, preferably with support of the HD audioformats or atleast LPCM?
- DXVA is DirectX Video Acceleration for windows but does xbmc support this for both ATI and Nvidia?
- Is lipsync supported in xbmc and/or how can I overcome any delay between audio/video?

Thanks in advance!!! Wink

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