Video resume on external files
immortality Wrote:I have a smb share, seen from the xbox it has always the same url....
Depending on your writing...the resume function should work.

Can I check if the resume point from a file is written to some kind of file?

Thing is simple, I recommend you to get used to a simple "debugging" concept which is quite simple, try something else to try to identify the root cause,

What I mean is simple, try the same "problem" you're having with a copy of the same exact file (let's agree it's a video file) and check if you're experiencing the same issues, if not, then you already know that this happens only on external USB (same goes even WORSE with eSATA low end controllers),

Besides your problem is still unclear to many of us I guess, could you try to be the most specific about the problems you're having like, is it the "popup" which asks you to resume or start from beginning? If so then it's a setup option you're missing,

Good luck again with your investigations Wink

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