Generic xrandr / fglrxinfo question
Hi there,

figured i needed to get writing access because i could not come up with the solution to my problem.

I have just gone through (after trying xbmc under windows) to get it working in its own Ubuntu minimal system.

All working fine, actually got the remote working, sound working, you get the idea.

The only situation i have is due to using an ATI card and its "preconfigured" underscan. Under windows you have a slider in the control center to adjust for that. My TV does not have any option to compensate so i am hunting up and down the forum to get a solution.


Being on a minimal system i use the terminal (or lets say an SSH session) to configure the system. All working well except for the ati driver related tools like fglrxinfo or xrandr. Both keep saying they cannot access the display. Neither from the SSH session nor from a CTRL+F1 terminal on the xbmc system itself.

Is it right that i have to login via SSH with the xbmc user, which is running XBMC on the main display in order to get any readouts for fglrxinfo or xrandr?

Or is it necessary to "export the display", another solution i found here in the forums. Does XBMC have to be running(in main menu for example)?
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