Generic xrandr / fglrxinfo question
overscan can be set in xbmc in the settings. you'll find this a lot easier than messing with the graphics card directly.

the only way i managed to sort out overscanning with an nvidia card was through trial and error editing xorg.conf modelines, and it was a nightmare.

this was before i discovered xbmc and when i did on my next install, i simply went to settings > system > video calibration within xbmc

as an aside, xrandr etc doesnt work through ssh because its using its own session. again tty1 (or 0, or whatever alt+ctrl+f1 gives you) is using its own session too (one without xorg, again, so no xrandr and graphical settings tools).

i guess really the only thing you could do if you do want to deal with command line tools like xrandr is to use them from within the X (the graphical) session that xbmc intiates. if you install the launcher plugin in xbmc you could launch a terminal whilst within xbmc. it should appear above xbmc and you'll be able to use xrandr within the right X session.

this should all be irrelevant though because settings > system > video calibration within xbmc should do what you want

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