HOW-TO post about a Kodi iOS problem (AKA YOU MUST POST A LOG SO WE CAN HELP)
Things we want from EVERY report:
Platform (eg. AppleTV2, iPhone 4, iPad, etc.)
Version of iOS/ATV (e.g. iOS 4.3 build 8F305 /w Apple TV software 4.2.2)
XBMC Build version and date compiled (See below)
Install Method (apt-get, dpkg, ssh'd and copied)
FULL Debug Log (Please use your favorite paste site! See below.) << NOT OPTIONAL! (see here for how to do this)
Detailed Instructions to Reproduce the Problem (The more specific the better.)
If your issue is a crash back to ATV2 main menu / iOS - CrashReporter and Syslog are needed too!

GUI Problems (Navigation, Finding options, Setup, Labels, etc):
Skin name

Playback Problems:
Video codec and container.
Audio codec and container.
MediaInfo output (ref frames, etc goggle mediainfo for where to obtain it for your platform, it will have info above too)
You may also need to provide a sample. (100-500mb piece of the problematic file. Make sure the sample also exhibits the same issue you post. Dropbox/mediafire/etc for hosting it)

"Latest" is a completely useless build version!
When referring to the version of something, ALWAYS be as detailed as possible. Saying you're using the latest version of something is wrong the second it is updated, and completely useless to someone looking for help on a similar problem in the future.

In Confluence, the default theme, arrow down to System and right arrow. You will be presented with a 'System Info' page. Select that and you should have build e.g. Git:d538b07(Compiled on Feb 6 2011)
Also list where you got the build, self compiled, which unofficial one, xbmc official release, etc.

/private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences/xbmc.log (this is the debug log, don't forget to enable debugging)
/private/var/log/syslog (if you don't have this, apt-get install syslogd, then try to re-produce the issue)
/private/var/mobile/Library/Logs/CrashReporter (the files are called something like "AppleTV_2012-01-24-200330_Apple-TV.plist" on ATV2 - the log-aggregated ones are no CrashReporter files!)

See these wiki instructions for how to get xbmc.log. These same instructions can be adapted to get the other logs as well.

Paste any logs to your favorite paste site. If you post it, you will get thrashed.

Paste sites:

Examples of great trouble posts: (excessive? maybe. super helpful? most definitely!)
(more to be added)

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