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dazex Wrote:Make sure iTunes is installed. I believe that installs the USB drives necessary for DFU mode.

If your device is in DFU mode already, GreenPois0n will recognize that and won't go through the countdowns.

So it sounds more like a driver issues. Especially if that is the error message you are getting.

Bang on the money, installed itunes, then it all worked.

Just a note to others, without the driver, the device name under devices and printers changes to Apple Mobile Device (DFU MODE) etc, but with the driver, the device name doesn't change, however the device properties are as shown in dazex's other post mentionned above.

Anyway, got it working, XBMC didn't install via nitoTV, so tried via ssh, that gave an error, but seems to have done the job.

Many thanks.
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