Issues with projectM visualizations after video calibration

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polkaroo Offline
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Able to repeat this multiple times. After calibrating for overscan in xbmc (, projectM visualization has errors. When playing music, it adjusts the screen to a state where part of the screen is not visible. I can provide an image if necessary, but it can be repeated easily. Using 10.1 and was able to reproduce with latest nightly.
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Prof Yaffle Offline
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Either of these sound familiar?
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VonMagnum Offline
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It's still happening to me in Eden Beta3 on a Gen1 AppleTV. Going back to Dharma fixes it, but it comes back when I upgrade to the Eden Betas.
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JDizzy Offline
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Had similar problem using Zotac machine running OpenElec Linux.
Sometime over the past month or so it went away and now works correctly.
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