TheTVDB Four Digit Season (Year)

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EDIT: Nevermind, now it's magically working.

Lot's of TV shows on TheTVDB use a year for their season, this apparently doesn't work. I have some documentaries and old Tom and Jerry cartoons that use the year or decade for the season but XBMC can't seem to get their info despite the many different ways I've tried to format the filenames. Is there an easy way that I can fix this or could this functionality be integrated?

BBC Documentaries seems to be working fine but Tom and Jerry isn't and neither is QUEST Documentaries. Is there some way I can debug this easily?
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This gets me Tom and Jerry

TV Shows\Tom and Jerry\Season 1940\s1940e01, etc

There is no need for the Season folder - I just use it to make things neater - for me.
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