[XBOX 360] Xecuter Fusion XBMC Port?

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JRockGotBoppedB Offline
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I wasn't sure where to post this question. It appears Team Xecuter is claiming to have completely unlocked the Xbox 360 ( http://team-xecuter.com/xecuter-fusion-is-coming/ ) but I was unsure if this would result in a possible XBMC port to the 360. I know it hasn't been possible to this point but the video leaves a lot to be desired and unanswered.

I should point out that I have read "Today XBMC for Linux only support x86 CPUs (which the PS3/Wii/Xbox360 doesn't have), and more importantly XBMC Media Center GUI engine REQUIRES real hardware 3D acceleration (which is something that is simply not available under Linux on the PS3/Wii/Xbox360). These are just the most blaring problems, and there are many other hindering things as well, PLEASE JUST SEARCH THESE FORUMS!"
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YodaEXE Offline
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Still not going to happen. The devs have zero interest in this, especially when there are far better machines for this sort of thing available (namely the ATV2 and ION boxes).
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Ned Scott Offline
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We're open source, so if anyone else wants to try it, awesome. However, there are currently no Team XBMC devs that are interested in this platform.

Something like this is a huge undertaking. Even if you brought back the old Xbox code, that wouldn't help you because the 360 is a totally different beast (that's why old Xbox games require emulation to run on a 360).

So I'm not saying it's impossible. With enough time and money you could probably port XBMC to a Speak-n-Spell. You just won't see an Xbox360 port from TeamXBMC. We're not interested.
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peanutsguy89 Offline
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I agree that it was a huge undertaking doing so... But now that the Xbox is updated and we're getting all this apps (from Netflix to the Karaoke Channel, etc...) is it still such a huge undertaking or having the XNA & XDK from Microsoft make it easier?

Any thoughts about this?
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davilla Offline
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It does not change the fact that no XBMC dev is interested. However, nothing stops someone else from doing it. With all the changes in source code to help porting to various platforms, it should help.

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