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Unbehagen Offline
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I already posted this bug as a new thread, but did not receive any reply, so I guess noone knows an easy solution to my problem and it might indeed be a bug.
I use Neon(SVN), version 1332264824, but the behaviour described below can also be reproduced with the stable version of the skin. I set some video add-ons (reddit, icefilms,etc.) as favourites and added them as custom home items in the skin settings. When I open the resulting menu item, the add-on displays a waiting dialog box with a progress bar. After the add-on is done scraping, the progress bar disappears and the results are displayed. At this point, the focus seems to be lost and I cannot navigate to the videos. I can only exit this screen using the menu or back button.
If I access the same menu item for the second time, so the content is already cached and the waiting dialog doesn't show, the focus is fine. So I have to open the menu item two times: one time for loading->back->load again->watch cat videos.
Did I do anything wrong? I already posted this as a bug over at github, but did not get any feedback yet. Did I do anything wrong or is this indeed a bug? Does anyone have a solution for this?
Any help is appreciated!
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Ever since I upgraded to Eden from Dharma builds i've noticed this "bug". I first noticed it in Night when I was running that under the beta's. Recently I changed to Neon and I've seen the same issue. I'm 99% sure its not present Confluence.

To reproduce enter either a Movies or TV view. Then escape out back to the home screen and enter Videos now. Instead of being at the root of Videos as you should be (which you get if you start the program and go straight into Videos) you instead get whichever view you were in last in tv or movies. You have to backspace back to the root to see your Files.
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As moviesets now are supported in XBMC, would you consider to add a entry for moviesets in the Neon movie submenu?

PR#719 added an entry to the movie submenu for Confluence.

Thanks in advance.
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oleroc Offline
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(2012-04-05 13:11)KRKA01 Wrote:  Stoli,

As moviesets now are supported in XBMC, would you consider to add a entry for moviesets in the Neon movie submenu?

PR#719 added an entry to the movie submenu for Confluence.

Thanks in advance.

I second this.. also, while we are discussing movie sets, would it be possible to incorporate the movie set info from Frostbox?
Discussed here:
[Image: movieset.jpg]

Right now when you hit <i> on movie sets icons, nothing happens.

Also, what about always listing Moviesets first, and put a <movie set> band on the icons like this:

[Image: movieset2.jpg]

PS! There is still missing a Check Mark on watched movies in multiplex view.

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KroZpOz Offline
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Just discovered Neon and have been playing around with it for the past few days. I am using the latest SVN version and for the most part everything works well. I have, however, noticed a few minor issues.

The first is related to the information/progress bar display for videos which are not included in the library. While I do scrape most video content to the library, there are a few exceptions. For instance, videos which I will only view once and delete or some for which the episode order is inconsistent with the listings found on As you will see in the screenshot below, the title of the video is not situated within the progress bar/information display, but rather slightly above it. The second issue is that while the “finish time” is displayed the current time is not. It would also be preferable if long titles were to scroll from right-to-left, similar to the behavior of confluence.

[Image: screenshot002.png]

My final concern is related to media flagging. Files with “WEB-DL” or “WEB-Rip” in their filename are erroneously flagged with the Blu-ray logo when placed within a directory set as containing movies in the library. TV content, however, is flagged correctly.

Apart from these concerns, Neon is by far the most feature-rich and visually appealing skin I have come across. Thanks for all of the hard work.
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dadsickle Offline
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If I enter album view through the music menu all I get is a blank background. In order to view the list of albums I have to press escape, taking me back to the main menu, then enter taking me directly into albums from the main menu. If I go into an album, then back to album view I get the same thing again, meaning to view albums I then have to hit escape, then enter again.

This only seems to be a problem with the 'shelf' view.

edit: very similar to this problem
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ursli Online
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Yes, shelf view is broken for some time, disable it in the skin options and it should reset back to the default music view so you can browse it again.
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darkscout Offline
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Is there anyway to lighten up the non-selected text? I have a projector with ambient light and it's near impossible to see. The little oval bar does a good job of showing me where my selection is (or It could even be red tint).

[Image: aeKO.jpeg]
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ubuntuf4n Offline
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I just have two questions:

I did not update neon, because of this view:

[Image: scren627pgxiyw1.jpg]

It would be nice if this could be added as an option.
If nobody want to integrate it, as an alternative it would be cool if someone could point out how to 'copy-paste' it into the latest 'neon'-build.

Secondly, my volume bar is not visually changing (stays on full-volume), I think this has to do with my old neon-build,
hick-hack solution, anyone ? Blush

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MCipher Offline
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Post: #520
Just did a fresh install from repository and yet have the issue with the volume bar (showing always full-volume).
Volume actually changes and Confluence shows the volume bar correctly, but Neon doesn't - it always shows the full green-to-red-pattern.

Env: Windows Vista x64, Eden 11.0 release.

Anyway... Great skin, keep up the great work!

EDIT: Nevermind, today, xbmc finally managed to make an update and the volume display is working now Smile
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dwjp90 Offline
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Post: #521

Just switched to this skin from Night.

I noticed that when using banner panel view in tv shows, you need to have an individual banner.jpg downloaded, where in night, you could use the Choose thumb option to change the banner.

Would it be possible to include an option in the settings to use xbmcs built in thumb as the banner instead of having to download them, (and in the case of ones where i want to choose a different banner, i have to manually save the banner) moderator
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Tobby Offline
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A thing I noticed is that the clearart shown when paused is a bit too far down. If you look at this screenshot and compare it to the original clearart you clearly see that you're missing a part at the bottom.

[Image: Namnl%C3%B6s.jpg] [Image: sons-of-anarchy-4fc14b109a358.png]
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Watcher Offline
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Hi Stoli
Firstly, excellent skin, the best. I love the level of options and customability Neon has.
I apologize if this has been answered elsewhere, but I've searched and I can't find a solution.
I've used all 5 of the CustomFavoritie in the CustomeHome in settings that get added to the Home menu and I'd like to know if there is a way to add a few more? 10 would be ideal, maybe 12? (8 minimum).

I'm trying to make it as easy as possible for the misses to use and I need a few more. I have things stored in the following manner and would like to add Home Menu items for these:
Movies To Watch
Movies Watched
Wife's Recorded Shows
Music Videos

If it cant be done now, can it be done in a future release? (I'm using Neon 2.5.1 in Eden 11.0)

Thanks for all the time and effort that you put in, there are a lot out here who appreciate it.
Big Grin
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Flomaster Offline
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Post: #524
odd thing happening... I have 5 tv shows with out logo's. I have a logo.png in the main folder, but it seems none of the extra artwork is being displayed. these shows are on a different hard drive as all my other shows, but in the same SMB share. any ideas?

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stoli Offline
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Post: #525
Enable debugging and check the log file. It should be pretty clear.

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