[Review] IpazzPort RF 2.4GHz Mini Keyboard
Finally, it's here!


I know this keyboard shape is now well known but,
At first i bought the Rii Mini Bluetooth version.
never worked well, would disconnect often
and some pressed keys wouldnt register.
which is very frustrating....

then i RMA'ed it, and got a Rii Mini RF version..
it worked better, but range was awful and again,
some pressed keys wouldnt register.
very frustrating as you need a keyboard to type (duh)....
ended up selling it...

Then my Friend Beer40onze suggested me the Microsoft ARC Keyboard.
bought it, received it and love it!
Im actually typing this review with it.
Altho great, it still requires users to type using a fecal position,
and it finally got to me becuz i want to lay down on my couch
and be able to type in total darkness,
so backlit became a Must Have too...

I myself looked at my Keyboard guide i made for users here,
and the keyboard i wanted was the Logitech K400...
but again, no backlit and requires fecal typing position...
so i passed...

Then, i almost settled for the Lenovo N5902 but since im in Canada,
it ends up pretty pricy unfortunately...
i didn't want to spend $80 on this one...
Often on sale at $40 for you guys in USA,
but not here in Canada... yeah,,, we suck,,,

So i was like, if only that Rii Mini would have worked well,,,
its so what i wanted shape wize and price wize...

i started to look at if they had a better one or upgraded the model
and i learned that yhe Rii Mini copy catted UNISEN's IpazzPort Mini Keyboard.
UNISEN GROUP holds the patent for this type of mini keyboard.

But is having the real thing better?
Well, a nice way to find out is to try it!
so i bought it!

5 days and $35 later, it finally arrived!


i got the RF version so i can wake my PC from sleep with it.
to my knowledge, Rii Mini bluetooth wasn't capable of waking my htpc.
so anyways, maybe i got lucky i dunno,
but this one's Mint!!
Its only day one but, it works really well!

Range is fantastic, no key press missed,
backlit is great of course,
wakes htpc from sleep,
touchpad works very well, very responsive,
its scroll bar is really neat, nice addition,
its got F1 key all the way up to the F12 key,
Multimedia keys like play stop dont require holding the FUNCTION key,
same for the arrows up down left right, they dont require holding the FUNCTION key,
i mean, finally, i think i'm settled for good!!

So thats pretty much it, nothing more to add really.
we all know about these keyboards and stuff,
but i dont regret the real deal --> UNISEN's IpazzPort

its actually model --> KP-810-10A


Ok, feel free to comment or ask questions Smile

looks nice amazon has it for $22 i was looking at the k400 but this looks very promissing.
My HTPC AMD A8-3870K CPU/ SilverStone ML03B/ASRock MB-A75M /Seasonic SS-400ET/Corsair XMS3 4GB
$22 o.O

you mean $30 with shipping Tongue
Thanks for the review - looks very interesting.

Where did you get it? I'd like to try one and want to make sure I get the right one (I'm also in Canada).

i got it directly from UNISEN-USA!

shipped for $35 CND!!

Link --> http://unisen-usa.com/Mini-Wireless-Keyboards.html

Make sure you buy the iPazzPort KP-810-10A

Cheers for the review Esko

Might want to change Fecal to Fetal tho as i think thats what you meant.......
no i really meant Sitting on the throne LoL
well if thats what it took to get it to work lol
funny isn't it Smile
Thanks! Have one on order.
cooL, tell us how it goes for ya
After doing much homework and reading bad things about the Rii, I stumbled upon an articles saying the rii is a much inferior rip off of the Ipazzport. I ordered 3 different models, I got the iPazzPort KP-810-10A, iPazzPort KP-810-18R, and the best model with voice capability, the iPazzPort KP-810-18V. I must say that they are all very responsive and accurate, and the build quality is excellent. I was very happy at how well they work. The voice and audio on the iPazzPort KP-810-18V is a little tinny and there is a split second delay in the audio stream to the remote, but it is barely noticeable and doesn't take away from using the iPazzPort KP-810-18V as your main audio device while watching video. I did have one problem with the first iPazzPort KP-810-18V i got, about the 4th time I inserted the charge cable the plug snapped off pulling the 2 pads that mount the connector to the PCB. I contracted unisen USA and the dispatched a new remote the next day. They even told me to throw the defective one away.... lol I am glad I can solder, MUAH HA HA. I can't say enough good things about the ipazzport series, it is second to none
glad u like it Smile
It's great! Own it!
What does typing in a 'fecal position' mean? Is it literal?!
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