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I really like the "Resume from last position" features, especially because I have a MySQL database set up and have multiple XBMC instances. I do however have one thing that I bothers me.

I have a long list of movies/series and by default I hide all the watched ones. But I also watch a lot of movies I have already seen, and those I very often watch in multiple parts (due to time issues). If I want to continue watching those on a later moment, I need to:
  1. go to my video library
  2. change to "View all"
  3. scroll down for a long time
  4. select the movie/serie I want to resume
Would it not make sense to have a view that shows you all the Movies/Series that have resume points? Just as there is a "Recently Added" a "Resumable Movies" option that lists all items with resume points, no matter what the Watched status is, would be awesome.

I such a thing possible?
it's just an xsp.
(2012-07-21, 00:27)spiff Wrote: it's just an xsp.

You make me feel dumb Big Grin. Going to check it out straight tomorrow.
Or check out the Watchlist script.
(2012-07-21, 00:27)spiff Wrote: it's just an xsp.

I checked the XSP feature and it does do the trick, except one thing: the playlists still obey the "Hide watched" setting and I would like to see all items that can be resumed no matter what the "Hide watched" is. Like I said: I guess most people have this option enabled.
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