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OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi
re-encoded the 2 and a half men file to AAC and its working perfectly. I think it's an encoding problem.
@kataiba, could you please let me know what program and what parameters you used for re-encoding?


I checked the audio levels on the Two and a half men clip and its not even near clipping (0dB), I get peaks that are a highest -6dB mostly around -12dB. I also extracted the AC3 and played it as audio and had the same problems. Then when comparing files that work and file that has distorted audio I found something interesting, the difference between the files are the "<OverallBitRate_Mode_String>" and "<BitRate_Mode_String>", the working has CBR and the non working has Constant. Then the working has "<BitDepth_String>" 16bit3 and the non working 16 bits. So it might be that the player does not really know what to do?

<track type="General">
<Format_Info>Audio Coding 3</Format_Info>
<FileSize_String>58.8 MiB</FileSize_String>
<Duration_String>21mn 24s</Duration_String>
<OverallBitRate_String>384 Kbps</OverallBitRate_String>

<track type="Audio">
<Format_Info>Audio Coding 3</Format_Info>
<Format_Settings_ModeExtension>CM (complete main)</Format_Settings_ModeExtension>
<Duration_String>21mn 24s</Duration_String>
<BitRate_String>384 Kbps</BitRate_String>
<Channel_s__String>6 channels</Channel_s__String>
<ChannelPositions>Front: L C R, Side: L R, LFE</ChannelPositions>
<SamplingRate_String>48.0 KHz</SamplingRate_String>
<BitDepth_String>16 bits</BitDepth_String>
<StreamSize_String>58.8 MiB (100%)</StreamSize_String>
I'm having this problem too with Raspbmc (an old version and with the new version)

So Its XBMC.

Maybe XBMC is not handling this kind/method of encoding very well.

@mcarni i used Freemake Video Converter. Freeware. http://www.freemake.com/downloads/. Just convert to mkv leave everything as original just audio codec to AAC
nickehallgren, shouldn't be better to open a issue at XBMC github or at XBMC specific forum?
Its no OpenElec neither Raspbmc.
(2012-10-14, 03:57)fernandovg Wrote: nickehallgren, shouldn't be better to open a issue at XBMC github or at XBMC specific forum?
Its no OpenElec neither Raspbmc.

Yes I see that now, and I have also posted it at XBMC github now
(2012-10-14, 12:50)nickehallgren Wrote: Yes I see that now, and I have also posted it at XBMC github now

Can you post the link please? Has anyone replied yet?

Can you do a test with openelec for me please?
I just saw Haven (720p web-dl version) and at 21:37 the player closes and go back to library and I cant go back to the saved point. I have to restart the video and go to 21:40 to continue to play.
Can you try to reproduce this? I think is something with XBMC player.

10:31:05 T:1387205696  NOTICE: Thread Jobworker start, auto delete: true
10:31:05 T:1396446272 WARNING: CRenderManager::FlipPage - timeout waiting for previous frame
10:31:05 T:1387205696   DEBUG: COMXCoreComponent::Initialize OMX.broadcom.image_decode input port 320 output port 321
10:31:05 T:1387205696   DEBUG: COMXCoreComponent::Initialize OMX.broadcom.resize input port 60 output port 61
10:31:05 T:1387205696   DEBUG: COMXCoreComponent::AllocInputBuffers component(OMX.broadcom.image_decode) - port(320), nBufferCountMin(2), nBufferCountActual(3), nBufferSize(81920), nBufferAlignmen(16)
10:31:05 T:1387205696   DEBUG: COMXCoreComponent::AllocOutputBuffers component(OMX.broadcom.resize) - port(61), nBufferCountMin(1), nBufferCountActual(1), nBufferSize(475136) nBufferAlignmen(16)
10:31:05 T:1387205696   DEBUG: DoWork - took 152 ms to load special://masterprofile/Thumbnails/5/5af21853.jpg
10:31:05 T:1396446272 WARNING: CRenderManager::FlipPage - timeout waiting for flip to complete
10:31:06 T:1414030400   DEBUG: COMXPlayerAudio - CDVDMsg::GENERAL_EOF
10:31:07 T:1396446272   DEBUG: COMXPlayerVideo - CDVDMsg::GENERAL_EOF
10:31:07 T:1448080448    INFO: Process - eof reading from demuxer
10:31:07 T:1448080448  NOTICE: COMXPlayer::OnExit()
10:31:07 T:1448080448   DEBUG: OMXClock::OMXStop
10:31:07 T:1448080448  NOTICE: OMXPlayer: eof, waiting for queues to empty
10:31:07 T:1448080448  NOTICE: OMXPlayer: closing audio stream
10:31:07 T:1448080448  NOTICE: Closing audio stream
10:31:07 T:1448080448  NOTICE: CDVDMessageQueue(audio)::WaitUntilEmpty
10:31:09 T:1414030400   ERROR: COMXAudio::WaitCompletion - wait for eos timed out
10:31:09 T:1414030400   DEBUG: COMXPlayerAudio - CDVDMsg::GENERAL_SYNCHRONIZE
10:31:09 T:1414030400  NOTICE: thread end: OMXPlayerAudio::OnExit()
10:31:09 T:1448080448   DEBUG: OMXClock::OMXStop
10:31:09 T:1414030400   DEBUG: Thread COMXPlayerAudio 1414030400 terminating
10:31:09 T:1156944960   ERROR: COMXCoreComponent::DecoderEventHandler OMX.broadcom.audio_mixer - OMX_ErrorPortUnpopulated port 0, cannot parse input stream
10:31:09 T:1448080448   DEBUG: OMXClock::OMXReset 0x00000002
10:31:09 T:1448080448  NOTICE: OMXClock using video as reference
10:31:09 T:1448080448  NOTICE: OMXPlayer: closing video stream
10:31:09 T:1448080448  NOTICE: Closing video stream
10:31:09 T:1448080448  NOTICE: CDVDMessageQueue(video)::WaitUntilEmpty
10:31:13 T:1396446272   ERROR: COMXVideo::WaitCompletion - wait for eos timed out
10:31:13 T:1396446272   DEBUG: COMXPlayerVideo - CDVDMsg::GENERAL_SYNCHRONIZE
10:31:13 T:1396446272   ERROR: Got MSGQ_ABORT or MSGO_IS_ERROR return true
10:31:13 T:1396446272  NOTICE: thread end: video_thread
10:31:13 T:1448080448   DEBUG: OMXClock::OMXStop
10:31:13 T:1396446272   DEBUG: Thread COMXPlayerVideo 1396446272 terminating
10:31:13 T:1448080448   DEBUG: OMXClock::OMXReset 0x00000002
I posted it here:

But it got closed since it shouldn't have been posted there at all:

"no issue reports on github
use the forum"

So I have to post it on the forum soon...

Haven S03E04 I assume? I'll try it and post back

UPDATE: Did not stop (played it from 21:00 to 22:45) with OpenElec (build r12066)
(2012-10-13, 22:19)kataiba Wrote: @mcarni i used Freemake Video Converter. Freeware. http://www.freemake.com/downloads/. Just convert to mkv leave everything as original just audio codec to AAC

Thanks, I tried with mencoder since I was looking for a command line way of re-encoding...I made a mess out of the file... so I might look into the software you suggested...


Im using an old build. Will try with with a new build.
On build r12015 CEC was working pretty well with LG TVs. If you changed input and then back to the R-Pi, it would resume function if you switch CEC 'simplink' off/on. Previous to that it was impossible to get CEC working again after the tvs input had been changed without rebooting.

This problem has returned with r10266.
if that build is using libCEC 1.9.1, known issue and i'm working on a fix. if it's using another version, please pastebin a debug log.
opdenkamp / dushmaniac

xbmc-pvr [Eden-PVR builds] [now included in mainline XBMC, so no more source link here :)]
personal website: [link]

Found a problem with PVR? Report it on Trac, under "PVR - core components". Please attach the full debug log.

If you like my work, please consider donating to me and/or Team XBMC.
Should be interesting to see if the GUI upsampling of 720p to 1080p is still required with the 512MB version of the Model B.
Texture Cache Maintenance Utility: Preload your texture cache for optimal UI performance. Remotely manage media libraries. Purge unused artwork to free up space. Find missing media. Configurable QA check to highlight metadata issues. Aid in diagnosis of library and cache related problems.
Is the GUI upsampling 'necessary' because of low RAM or because of the (s)low CPU?
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OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi12
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